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Mission Statement
Inner Vision Women's Ultrasound is committed to excellence in providing diagnostic OB-GYN imaging and patient diagnosis for our referring physicians and their patients.

Inner Vision Women's Ultrasound is uniquely different in many ways, offering our referred patients expertise and in an environment that is warm, caring and informative. Our excellence results from a combination of highly qualified sonographers, physicians, and state of the art technology. Our goal is to ensure that each patient's experience at Inner Vision Women's Ultrasound is memorable, technically excellent, and provides accurate diagnoses.

All of our patients will be scanned by a Registered Sonographer. When clinically indicated, the patient will also be scanned by a Board-certified physician. Our staff will share the results of the exam with the patient and the physicians are always available to answer any questions. Additionally, our Board certified Medical Geneticist is available to counsel any patients who have genetic-related questions. The finalized report will be sent to the referring physician's office within 30 minutes of the completed exam.

Our exam rooms offer large flat screen monitors so that our patients and their guests can comfortably view the exam. Each patient scanned for a second trimester examination will receive a complimentary DVD of their entire exam and print 2D pictures as well as some 3D/4D when possible. Inner Vision Women's Ultrasound does not provide exams for keepsake purpose only: all our examinations are done exclusively for clinical purposes. This is in accordance with the rules and regulations for medical imaging facilities as outlined by the AIUM, ACR, SRU and ACOG.

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